Environmental Litigation
Capitol Hill meets LoDo in strategic legal alliance
Shared values bring firms together for natural resources, environmental trial work
Contact: Bill Ray
bill@wr-communications.com / 303-885-1881

DENVER—The Denver-based law firms of Haddon Morgan and Foreman and Temkin and Hardt today announced a strategic alliance focused on the litigation needs of natural resources companies, real estate developers and other businesses dealing with high-stakes environmental issues. The two firms will continue as separate entities with their own practices, but will share their pool of seasoned environmental and trial attorneys to provide efficient, client-focused litigation and risk management teams.

“This alliance allows us to borrow from each other’s strengths to offer clients a stronger base of legal support and services in the environmental litigation arena than we could have done separately,” said Pamela Mackey, a partner at Haddon Morgan and Foreman. “With this alliance, we maintain our small- firm identities and efficiencies while at the same time substantially expand the talent available to resolve complex natural resources and environmental matters.”

Capitol Hill’s Haddon Morgan and Foreman [www.hmflaw.com] was founded in 1976 by experienced trial attorneys and has since become the standard for sophisticated criminal and civil trial work. Its attorneys are known for their courtroom expertise and trial skills in a broad array of legal matters.

“Our firms understand the value of small, efficient legal teams that work closely with our clients,” said Elizabeth Temkin, a founding partner at Temkin and Hardt. “By being able to tap the broader resources and talents of both firms at any time, our clients have access to lawyers with years of trial experience who also intimately understand their business objectives.”

Temkin and Hardt, formerly Temkin Wielga and Hardt, [www.twhlaw.com] specializes in legal matters facing natural resources companies and other businesses involved in environmental and land-use issues. The firm was founded in 1999 in a LoDo warehouse by a group of established, national-firm attorneys with the goal of providing results-oriented representation at a reasonable cost to a wide range of clients.

Although each firm has longstanding environmental litigation experience, the alliance capitalizes on the unique strengths and expertise in each firm to create legal teams that can manage even the most complex litigation. With decades of experience in environmental law and trying cases, these teams will be well positioned to evaluate cases in their early stages to determine the best options for resolution outside the courtroom, while being prepared to try the case when necessary to achieve the most favorable results for the client.

“Whether it’s in the courtroom or the conference room, it is important for the other side to understand from the outset that your team has the will and expertise to take the matter across the finish line,” Temkin said.

The alliance provides clients with a single point of contact for overseeing the legal team across both firms with a seamless case management and billing system.

“Complex environmental litigation demands a unique skill set, and both firms can expand their abilities and services through this collaboration—while at the same time maintaining our small-firm values that have provided successful results for many clients over the years,” Mackey concluded.