Meredith O’Harris

Meredith O’Harris

Meredith primarily handles criminal matters, bringing extensive experience in appellate practice to Haddon, Morgan, and Foreman.

After graduating with awards from the University of Michigan Law School, Meredith moved to Colorado to clerk for Alan M. Loeb, Chief Judge of the Colorado Court of Appeals. Through her clerkship, she developed a passion for appellate litigation and criminal defense.

Prior to joining Haddon, Morgan, and Foreman, Meredith was a Senior Deputy Public Defender at the Appellate Division of the Colorado State Public Defender, representing indigent defendants from across Colorado in their direct appeals and postconviction processes. Meredith has successfully represented countless defendants, litigating complex constitutional and statutory issues and holding numerous oral arguments before the Colorado Court of Appeals and Colorado Supreme Court.

Of her many appellate victories, Meredith’s notable cases include vacating her clients’ felony convictions in People v. Hookfin, 16CA736, People v. Maddox, 17CA1373, People v. Shaffer, 18CA918, and People v. McClintic, 18CA827 (published). She has also won reversals of her clients’ felony convictions in People v. Viburg, 17CA1056 (published), People v. Peace, 19CA2098, People v. Sadowski, 17CA1398, People v. Marsten, 18CA1897 (published), People v. Rodriguez, 19CA220, and People v. Ambrose, 18CA1557 (published), among others. Meredith has also successfully moved to reduce her clients’ sentences and remove any prejudicial sentencing conditions or designations.  She is an ardent and steadfast advocate in every matter she handles.


  • University of Michigan Law School, J.D. 2016 (Executive Editor, National Lawyers Guild Review)
  • Grand Valley State University, B.S., magna cum laude Philosophy (Phi Kappa Phi National Honors Society)


  • Criminal Defense
  • Appellate
  • Civil Litigation


  • 2015 Outstanding Law Student Award
  • 2015 Jenny Runkles Memorial Award (Nominee)
  • 2011 Michigan Heart and Soul Award
  • 2010 Outstanding Philosophy Student Award


  • National Lawyers Guild
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar


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  • Speaker, Women in the Law, Koeze Business Ethics School, Grand Valley State University, 2022
  • Speaker, Life in Public Defense, Michigan Innocence Clinic, University of Michigan Law School, 2021, 2022