Haddon, Morgan and Foreman is pleased to announce that Kelly Schulten has become a shareholder

Kelly Schulten Shareholder

Kelly joined the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office in 2007 where she fought for the rights of indigent members of the community. During her time there, she had an impressive run of acquittals earning her the Attorney of the Year title in 2018. She also served as supervising attorney, mentoring, and training young public defenders in substantive law and trial skills. In 2021, Kelly joined Haddon Morgan and Foreman where she has successfully earned acquittals on behalf of numerous clients. She has now expanded her practice to include both criminal and civil matters in all municipal, state, and federal courts. She also defends persons accused of attorney misconduct, Title IX, and numerous other regulatory and administrative issues. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys volunteering for community programs and teaching trial advocacy.