“A premier Denver-based practice offering a wide range of litigation services, including white-collar criminal defense and civil disputes. Particularly noted for handling complex cases involving financial and environmental criminal allegations made against major US corporations.”
— Chambers USA

Our Practice

Haddon, Morgan and Foreman was founded in 1976 by former Denver public defenders, Hal Haddon and Bryan Morgan, to specialize in criminal defense and civil trial work. Lee Foreman, also a former Denver public defender, joined in 1977 to complete the leadership team. Since then, we have selectively brought on experienced trial lawyers to build a practice that is unparalleled in the Rocky Mountain region.

Our attorneys comfortably transition from litigation to contested hearings to trials as situations warrant. While we are known for strategically and vigorously litigating cases when necessary, some of our best work takes place outside the courtroom and before a case is ever filed. This combination of skills, experience, and insight ensure that our clients’ interests are protected at every turn.

We have represented thousands of clients in state and federal courts and before regulatory bodies in Colorado and around the country, including many high-visibility individual and corporate cases. We partner with leading experts in eDiscovery and trial technology, providing clients with the advantages of large firm resources without sacrificing the personal attention offered by a small firm. At all times, our mission is to deliver effective and personalized representation for clients whose freedom and reputations are at risk.

White Collar Crime and Government Investigations

Our firm represents corporations and top executives in a wide range of white collar crimes and investigations. These companies understand the benefits of using an established and respected criminal defense firm. Our clients also enjoy the advantage of engaging a relatively small firm with an elite team of attorneys who pursue all available options in developing the most effective strategy.

We also represent individuals, corporations and other organizations under investigation by government authorities. We work with our clients to develop thorough and efficient strategies to collect and analyze data, always with an eye toward protecting our clients’ interests. Our attorneys uncover and evaluate the facts and often are able to resolve the matter without the need for protracted litigation.

State and Federal Criminal Defense

We represent our clients in all types of criminal cases, from white collar to violent crime in both state and federal courts, to obtain favorable resolutions, protect their reputations and preserve their livelihoods.

Our attorneys aggressively research and litigate every case and are always prepared to take a case to trial and appeal. We are well known for our strong courtroom skills and presence, and this reputation consistently proves its value during pre-trial negotiations.

Commercial Litigation

We handle many areas of complex commercial litigation. Using innovative discovery and litigation technologies to investigate and organize large cases, our attorneys vigorously pursue our clients’ interests and legal rights through litigation, trial and arbitrated settlements in areas such as real estate fraud, insider trading, securities fraud, non-compete employment issues, civil racketeering, bankruptcy litigation, trade secrets, trademark litigation, qui tam lawsuits, and other areas of civil and commercial litigation that pose a threat of liability or public notoriety.

Environmental Litigation

Haddon, Morgan and Foreman represents individuals and corporations facing investigations and criminal and civil allegations related to violation of state environmental statutes and federal Superfund (CERCLA), RCRA, Clean Water Act, and Clean Air Act standards. We also conduct internal investigations on these matters for our clients and guide them through the process of a government investigation of environmental practices.

Civil Rights Litigation

All too often, a civil rights lawsuit is the only realistic recourse available to an individual who has experienced abuses within the justice system such as excessive use of force, wrongful arrest, or malicious prosecution. We selectively take on compelling civil rights cases—often after one of our clients has been acquitted or his or her criminal case has been dismissed.

Appellate and Post-Conviction Matters

Because of their extensive trial experience, our attorneys can readily identify reversible errors in a trial record and strategically present a compelling appellate case. We always provide our clients a candid assessment of their appellate options and the likelihood of overturning their trial court verdict. Although the legal system tends to preserve convictions, our attorneys also have the experience necessary to identify cases and situations ripe for post-conviction relief. In addition, we provide post-conviction representation in areas such as pardon requests, sealing of records and advocating for clients during their period of incarceration or while being supervised on parole or probation.

Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings

We work vigorously to protect the rights, licenses and reputations of regulated professionals, including attorneys facing allegations of misconduct by the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel (OARC) and investigations by the Board of Law Examiners. Additionally, our attorneys represent many other types of licensed professionals on matters before professional boards of review as well as students facing expulsion or other repercussions stemming from honor code or legal violations.